Amiga Longplays Preview / Compilation

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It’s finally here! The far biggest compilation of Amiga games on youtube!

This video shows a few seconds from every Amiga Longplay made from Nov-2005 to Feb-2012 (Over 800 games). Only adult and alternative versions of games have been sorted out.

* Some videos has been resized to fit the video resolution. The original quality of all longplays is much better.
* All games is listed in no particular order.
* All videos can be downloaded from or be watched on our Youtube channel.
* A script that automatically grabbed frames from each video was used to create this video. So it perhaps doesn’t show the bests part of some games.
* Some games have sequels. So it looks sometimes the same game appears more than once. But that’s not the case.
* Titles of all games are shown at the top of the screen – So you don’t have to ask what a particular game is.
* If you want a downloadable version of this video. Then send a private message to ‘hipoonios’.

The music used is some of the most highest rated on

Track list/credits:

1. Char7ie – Pinball Dreams – Digital World
2. Amok – X-Out Highscore
3. Aki Järvinen – Chuck Rock metal remix
4. Adrian Everson – Lost Patrol – Last Smile
5. AceMan – Superfrog’s Ancient Level (Wobble Dat Giant Pyramid Remix)
6. daXX – Spaceballs – 9 Fingers (daXX RMX)
7. AmiGamer – Lemmings_Tribes – Medieval Lemmings Remix
8. Amok – Battle Squadron (Heroes of Urania)
9. Aki Järvinen – Turrican 2 The Wall (metal remix)
10. BeeZerk – Final Fight
11. burnt toast – Lemmings Tune 13
12. Char7ie – Jim Power – Sacred Forest
13. Cyborg Jeff – Swimming Furries
14. Dr.Future – Dancing Man (SAW #4)
15. CZ Tunes – Quik & Silva Level 1 Remix (Short Edit)
16. daXX – D-MOB II – X-Tacy – daXX TechHouse Mix
17. Dr.Future – Sarcophaser (SAW #1)
18. daXX – Budbrain Kaosmodules – daXX TechHouse Mix
19. daXX – Yo Africa – daXX Remix
20. Mano – Simon the Sorcerer Main Theme (Remake-Remix)
21. Mister Ghostie – Back From Blue
22. Mano – Another World (End Theme Remix)

Video is put together by Hipoonios.