PPSSPP 0.9.9 – эмулятор Sony PlayStation Portable

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А тем временем совсем недавно обновился эмулятор PPSSPP до версии 0.9.9

Желающие могут ознакомиться со списком улучшений в продолжении новости, а остальные качают для Windows и Android

  • CLUT (paletted) texturing from framebuffers supported, fixing many graphical issues like the shadows in Final Fantasy: Type-0
  • More types of framebuffer copies are now handled correctly, fixing a variety of graphical issues, like the sun in Burnout and many more
  • Better savedata compatibility with the real PSP
  • Support for more codecs used by “Custom BGM” and sometimes regular music in games: MP3, AAC
  • PMP video format support
  • Implemented some strange blending modes like ABSDIFF as shaders, fixing the outlines in DBZ Tag Team and more.
  • Emulation of the vrot CPU instruction improved – it caused cracks in FF3 graphics before
  • Many bugfixes around the UI, touch D-pad now works better when scaled large
  • Workaround implemented to support Star Ocean’s stencil trickery as efficiently as possible on all platforms
  • Major corrections to module loading and memory management, fixing further games
  • Bulgarian and Thai language translations were contributed
  • Many, many more game fixes and bug fixes